Birthday Parties

Mr. Lee’s Science Birthday Parties

$195 for up to 12 children, and $15 for each additional child.
Parties are held at Moore Toys & Gadgets, 107 E. Front Street in Wheaton, in their second floor party room.

You need to rent the room from the store.  Parties at private homes are also possible, the cost is $250 for up to 12 children.  You will need to provide tables for the children to work at, and access to electricity and  a sink with water.

General information about the parties:

Mr. Lee Science Magic party:  Pick 2 projects:  Gummi Animals (edible), Slime Worms (edible, if you want!), Glow-in-the-Dark Ooze, Colored Ooze, Glow-in-the-Dark Flubber, Foam Gnomes. $195 for 12 kids and $15 for each additional kid (plus $150 for the space for 3 hours).  You provide food, cake, paper products and any decorations you might want and set up and clean-up.   Email the store & Mr. Lee at: & with the subject line: “Mr. Lee Science Party”. Be sure to include the preferred date and time and an alternate date and time and the child’s name and age.

For parties at private locations, please email Mr. Lee only at

The most popular project is the “Foam Gnomes,” which I would highly recommend. We also have a “Star Wars” themed science party, with Glow-in-the-Dark Slime Sabers, and Star Wars Gummi Shapes (edible).


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