Class Programs

The programs are physical science based, in various topics, such as electricity, magnetism, chemistry, air, sound, simple machines, light, and general physics. These topics are arranged by grade level curricula, and are designed to teach students the basics of the subjects, either as an introduction to a unit taught by regular teachers, or sometimes as a culmination of a course of study.

Rather than large group assemblies, Mr. Lee prefers to enter individual classrooms, to allow as many students as possible to participate in the experiments. All students work on individual projects, and every student takes an experiment home, along with a souvenir pencil, engraved with Mr. Lee’s web site address.

Each program lasts a minimum of two hours, with many of the programs lasting an entire school day, giving the students plenty of opportunities to learn the concepts being taught. Programs are usually held right in the classrooms, with all equipment and materials provided by the presenter. A typical program alternates between a lecture/demonstration format, and students working on their own with scientific equipment provided for that purpose.

Science programs are grade level organized.

  • Each program lasts a minimum of two hours.
  • Programs are for one classroom at a time to maximize student participation.
  • Each student does at least one science activity that they can take home.
  • Program cost is $350 per classroom and includes all materials, student take-home experiment, and souvenir pencil (This cost applies to locations within Wheaton, IL area radius. Outside of this radius may be higher due to additional travel expenses. Please email for more information.)
    Discount is available for lower income schools.  Please ask!

Mr. Lee’s Science Magic is owned and operated by Lee Wilkinson, of Wheaton, Illinois. It is a series of “Hands-On” science programs for elementary schools, designed it spark interest in students at an early age, and encourage them to pursue science as they get older. It was started in 1992, as a part-time, volunteer outreach to local schools in Longview, Texas, and quickly grew into a full time company, with school visits in many different states, including Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan. Mr. Lee has also taken parts of these programs to schools overseas, in such countries as Kenya, Guatemala, Italy, and the Czech Republic. Since its inception in the early 1990’s, literally tens of thousands of students have participated in the program, many in consecutive years, as Mr. Lee returned for additional visits to their schools.


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