Birthday Parties

Mr. Lee’s Science Birthday Parties

$295 for up to 20 children, and $15 for each additional child.
(Note: additional fee may be required for cities outside of Wheaton, IL area)
Parties are held at private homes or club houses, churches, etc.  You will need to provide tables for the children to work at, and access to electricity and  a sink with water.

General information about the parties:

Mr. Lee Science Magic party:  Pick 2 projects:  Gummi Shapes (edible), Slime Worms (edible, if you want!), Glow-in-the-Dark Ooze, Colored Ooze, Glow-in-the-Dark Flubber, Foam Gnomes, Thermo-Plastic, Elephant Toothpaste.  For more information or to schedule a party date, please email Mr. Lee at with the subject line: “Mr. Lee Science Party”. Be sure to include the preferred date and time and an alternate date and time and the child’s name and age.

The most popular project is the “Foam Gnomes,” which I would highly recommend.

Please note: There may be an additional charge for out of town parties. Please contact Mr. Lee for specifics.